Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Decor Idea: Romantic Floral "Headboard"

      One of my New Year's resolutions is to make my bedroom more inviting and cozy. When I first mentioned the idea of doing the room in mainly shades of white my boyfriend quickly asked "like an insane asylum?" Admittedly as I was beginning the process the room did look a little crazy ( imagine stark white bedding & white walls). But I quickly thought of a couple simple and inexpensive tricks to give the decor a more inviting feel. The first idea I implemented was to create a mock headboard since purchasing a brand new one can be so expensive. I picked up some white string lights, tissue paper, and faux flowers on sale after the holidays and spent some time creating this peaceful venue for sleep. Here's a couple tips for crafting your own floral arch:

- 1 strand string lights
- 1 bouquet faux flowers
- Lots of tissue paper (I purchased two packs of 100 sheets from Target)
- Tacks
- Scissors
- Scotch Tape

Getting Started:
1: I started creating the light arch by tacking the middle of the strand of lights to the wall above the middle of my mattress. From there, I continued to arc the lights using tacks to secure things in place. I found that working from side to side helped make things more even.

2: Using the tissue paper, scissors, and scotch tape I created flowers of various sizes by following this tutorial (I used tape instead of floral wire). 
3: I then tacked the blossoms of the hand made flowers as well as the faux flowers to my wall within the light arch. 

      I hope to eventually add even more flowers into this concept, but making them by hand does take time and that is okay! Decorating your home should be a pleasure not a hassle. More importantly, you don't have to break the bank to create an environment that you love living in!  

"Headboard"- DIY, Lamps- Vintage find (spray painted white and w/ new shades), Art- Crafted by an old friend, Bedding/Curtains- Ross

      Do you have any projects in mind for your home?



  1. Hi Nico! Congrats, it looks so romantic! Love the idea, well done! Kisses and have a good day!:*

  2. This is really a great idea dear! And it's so pretty!


  3. It's gorgeous doll & gives a great effect to the room :) x

  4. BEAUTIFUL! <3

  5. The end result is so pretty! I'd love mine with just the lights.. because I am lazy, haha. I definitely am going to spend some time this year revamping the decor in my house, it's been too long. Thanks for the idea!

  6. thank you so much! <3
    your idea is very good, looks beautiful!! :D

  7. i love the night effect! your boyfriend is so funny. they can think of some words to describe things. great job nico.

  8. This looks like heaven! Bedroom heaven! The last photo is just magical. Now I want an arch of lights over my bed too!:)

  9. That's so pretty & romantic - I would loveeee to just sleep and hang out here all day long! :)

  10. Lovely! Following you on GFC and Bloglovin!

  11. Thee room looks so ethereal and heavenly in the last pic.
    Great tutorial, great idea! Indeed it will make you sleep peacefully!!
    Do drop by my blog too sometime!

  12. This looks beautiful! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!


  13. You absolutely did an amazing job Nico, You've definitely got a chic, cozy & inviting bedroom. I love the creativity of the headboard, its lovely..Thanks for sharing this!

  14. What a great DIY headboard! I really like the soft glow from the lights :)

  15. Nico, thank you for commenting.
    Your bedroom looks very cozy and chic.

  16. That looks great!!! I really like it. Have a great day :)


  17. This is a great DIY! Romantic, serene and atmospheric! Glad to have found your lovely blog!
    Following you.

  18. Love it! Absolutely! Thanks for sharing, Nico! T.


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