Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Remix Sweater:

      Sadly, the Missoni for Target collection was mostly sold thru by the time I reached my nearest Target location the day the collection launched. I was lucky enough to stumble across this sweater dress at Crossroads Trading Co for $7 several months ago and I have been wearing it constantly ever since (see evidence here). I like that I can wear this piece alone as a dress/beach cover up now, and later I can pair it with tights and boots for a winter look. Whenever I shop I try to seek out items that can be worn thru out the year. 

      I love pairing sporty converse with girly dresses for easy Summer time fashion. Sneakers are comfortable, adorable, and I've been able to find Converse at Ross all the time for unbelievable prices! I'm also hoping that my bright converse will add a pop of color to dreary rainy day ensembles as Fall begins to approach. 

Hat- Target, Sun Glasses- Coach, Dress- Missoni for Target,
Bag- Kate Spade, Watch- Michael Kors, Shoes- Converse

       What are some of your favorite remix items? I'd love to know!



  1. This sweater is gorgeous! I love the print and the colors.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I love your dress. Also like the combination with the All Stars.


  3. I LOVE this sweater. I didn't get to buy any of the Missoni collection at Target, I was too slow! Thanks for stopping by, of course I'd love to follow each other!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. thank you so much for your lovely comment ! <3 of course we can follow each other :) i find so many great posts and looks on your blog :) so i follow you on bloglovin and gfc :) now its your turn ;p lot of love from me <3<3 by the way this blue dress is really fab and look so great on you :) you have amazing body :)

  5. oh man when the missoni for target came out and it sold out so quickly i was sooo sad! lucky find with this one it is so fun!


  6. That's why Crossroads is so amazing.. well thrifting in general if you can be patient haha

    xo Jennifer

  7. Oh, I love this, great colors :)

  8. Gahh! It looks awesome, and so do the Converse! (If you suddenly notice it has gone, there's a chance that someone in Finland has borrowed it!)

    x, Lara

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yep, i'm also a sneaker addict :-).

    Follow you now. Like to see you follow me back.


  10. I like this casual/chic combination. The bag is by far my favorite. I would love to have a similar one.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I agree with following each other. I am following via GFC and bloglovin.

  11. Urghhh, I really regret missing out on the Missoni for Target collection. They had so many great pieces. This dress looks so great on you, and I really love it paired with those sneakers. Too cute!

    xo Jenny

  12. Love this dress! Love the sneakers too. I'd wear those sneakers with everything if I could! I'm totally following you now with GFC- your blog is adorable and your style is fantastic!

    Understated Classics

  13. WOW!!!! such a fab outfit!! Love all the pieces and the colour combo!!

  14. LOVE that dress on you Nico, and the sneakers look so cute with it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Love how you styled this. And for $7...what a steal! =) Good things come to those who wait!

  16. yeah. mee too, i love to wear converse and dress, but you wear it more beautifully than me. ;-D and the colors. u wear the colors so easy.

    just me,


    1. hi nico, tnx for droppin by on blog. shall we follow each other?

  17. id love to follow each other :) followed you, hope you can follow back!

  18. Love this look! So casual and cute--I have the same sneakers! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I'm your newest bloglovin' follower!

    The Glossy Life

  19. you are so beautiful dear :D

    want to follow each other? let me know! kindly visit my blog :)

  20. I love getting a second chance at getting something I wanted! And your shoes make me so happy!


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