Thursday, August 2, 2012

Style Feature: Thru Rose Colored Glasses

      One of my favorite places to seek fashion inspiration is in the styles of all the people who surround me. Occasionally I like to feature these fashion mavens on my blog like in this post, or this one but today I am showcasing Jonas' awesome Summer style! Jonas' outfits often feature the color pink (check out those stellar shoes!) because it is his favorite color. When I asked him why he likes pink so much he just told me "Because pink is the most beautiful color I have ever seen, I go crazy when I see the color pink." I am guessing that this is why he likes to wear it! I hate wearing the color pink, Its too feminine for me... or at least I felt that way before meeting Jonas. But Jonas let me know that it doesn't matter if a color is considered "girly" or "manly," but that I should like things because I like them and not let outside opinions affect my decisions.  Did you know that the color pink represents compassion, hope, and unconditional love? Pink also provides calming effects and studies have shown that being exposed to pink can reduce anxieties and stress. So I think I'll be taking some fashion advice from Jonas, and wearing a lot more of the colors I love and adore, maybe even pink!

      You may have noticed something on Jonas' forehead, that's a Bindi and another one of Jonas' favorite things to have on!


PS: Lately I'm discovering that kid's style is much more fun and exciting that my own wardrobe. Children experiment with clothing, they are daring... they inspire me to take more fashion risks! Do you ever feel this way about the kids in your life, whether it be your own little ones, a brother, or maybe a niece?


  1. He's a cutie!! Love the outfit. My daughters will wear anything. My oldest is much more daring than I sometimes. She comes out with lots of different things. I think it's because they have yet to develop that fear of just being themselves like we have. I need to learn more from her. Hope you have a sweet weekend doll!! p.s. my daughter Saffron loves your background...she loves jellybeans :))) xx


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