Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY: Centerpiece fit for a tea party!

      Tea is a staple in my home. Not only do I enjoy a glass of home made iced tea, but I also love to use tea leaves while baking (for example, this cake recipe). Since I am an avid collector of fragrant teas, I have also hoarded quite a collection of metal tea canisters. Rather than let them get discarded, I have upcycled them into charming flower vases like the one photographed above. By using cut stems from my Father's garden I was able to complete this project for the mer cost of 1 dollar for floral foam from the dollar store! Here is a basic outline for how you can create your own simple centerpiece perfect for your next tea party:

And that's all it takes for a lovely floral display!

      I love the concept of taking simple items and making them into special home decor. Filling your house with fantastic floral arrangements doesn't have to be expensive. Other everyday items such as empty pasta sauce jars or perfume bottles would also make a great stage for flowers. And why not try buying some seeds (A pack of seeds can cost less than three dollars) and growing your own flowers too!



  1. I totally love the idea of using old cans and vases as a centerpiece. Not only are you able to help save the environment, but you’re also adding some aesthetic value to your home without spending too much money. Just let your creative juices run over, and you can definitely come up with marvelous centerpieces. In addition to cans and vases, other ideal centerpiece materials are old wine bottles. You can paint them and decorate them with long-stemmed flowers.


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