Monday, August 6, 2012

Small Morsels: Garden Edition!

      My backyard garden has quickly become one of my favorite rooms in the house during the summer months. I love digging around in the dirt (even though my manicure doesn't appreciate the extra grit), and the patio is an ideal location for craft projects. If you are lucky enough to have some outdoor space at your home, I encourage you to take advantage of the prime summer real estate! Here are a few glimpses into why I love my outdoor space so very much:



  1. I adore the painted rock plant markers. What a great idea. And your garden is just lovely!

  2. Pretty! I have a black thumb so I always admire people who can grow things.
    The little painted rocks are darling.
    xo, A

  3. Our tomato plant didn't pan out this year. We got two tomatoes and my beagle ate them....Next summer the real garden is going OUTSIDE the fence. We're financing the house we're currently renting soon--I can't wait to spend the fall/winter planning and prepping our outdoor space for next summer :)

  4. Your garden in precious!! Your plants are doing marvelous :)

  5. lovely blog dear :)

  6. Wonderful! I love the painted rock markers! What a cute idea!! xx

  7. That's the one bad thing about living in an apartment: its very difficult to have a garden. I'm hoping a terrarium will make up for this emotionally.

  8. Hi Nico,

    Your garden is beautiful. I'd say that Lemon Thyme smells wonderful. What kind of plans do you have for it? I would love to have a big herb garden some day. Thank you for visiting my site, the Frugal Workshop. I'm following you now too and am looking forward to your next post as well.



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