Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Father's Garden:

      As some of you may know already, I've recently tried to develop a green thumb. If you're curious to see what I've got growing in my own garden, feel free to check out this post. However, if you are interested in seeing where I find my inspiration... then you are in the right spot! Ever since I can remember my dad has always had some sort of piece of land to tend and cultivate. As a kid, instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons I would sometimes watch over his shoulder in the yard as he tediously pulled weeds. I never understood why he spent so much time in his garden digging, weeding, and generally just getting dirty over a few plants, until now. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes with growing your own food and produce. Like watching one tiny seed sprout into a climbing tomato plant or a giant sunflower stock. Not to mention, if you are growing edibles in your garden, how much money you will save on purchasing groceries. So if you have been thinking of starting your own garden, I hope that my inspiration can also be your inspiration. My father has planted a huge amount and variety of fruits and vegetables that would make any gardener or chef jealous. I know he sometimes feels overwhelmed with the amount of plants he maintains, but I also know that there isn't anywhere else that he would rather be than in his own lush garden (which also doubles as his own personal farmer's market!). 

(Just some of the pumpkin vines)

(Sunflowers that brighten the area)

(Both red and yellow tomatoes are grown here. They are so sweet
and tasty that you can eat them like you would an apple)
(A eggplant parmesan recipe might have to be arranged soon.)

(Excited to carve pumpkins this October!)

(In addition to lime, there are also persimmon and a fig trees)

(Cut stems I took home for arranging, more on that note very soon!)

(Just a portion of fresh produce I took home. I also was lucky enough
 to walk off with a grocery bag filled to the brim with hot peppers, another
crate identical to this one filled with squash, and don't forget about all the
 flowers in the previous photo that I took home for home decor!)

      Not all of us can grow an entire grocery store produce section in our yards... (My dad has 57 white pumpkin plants, 170 orange pumpkin plants, 75 tomato plants, 24 basil plants, 40 thai dragon hot pepper plants, 40 habanero pepper plants, 48 jalapeno plants, 10 yellow squash plants, 14 patty pan squash plants, 7 cucumber plants, 6 eggplants, 5 bell pepper plants, and all kind of flowers both edible and ornamental) But I am really happy that I was able to return home with some goodies of my own. My dad grows so much produce that he gives what he can to friends and family and any left over produce goes straight to our local food bank! 


PS: If you'd like to see my post from last year on my dad's garden, go ahead and click here


  1. oh man, thats a lovely garden :) My dad goes all nuts grwoing all sorts of things in his garden too!

    Fresh veggies taste the best though :)

  2. Marvelous garden...I love wandering through ones like this finding things to bring back to the kitchen. Hope you have a great weekend xx


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