Monday, July 23, 2012

Small Morsels:

(Reading material plus new pens and highlighters)

     This past week has been slow and steady, just what I needed. After having some dental work done I spent some time doing a lot of reading, resting, and mild gardening. I thought since I was having jaw surgery, it was only appropriate to revisit the world of  Invisible Monsters Remix, a book by Chuck Palahniuk. An interesting tale about an unusual bunch of characters (one of which has several jaw surgeries after a car accident) that reads similar to a magazine....stories will start and then, skip to page whatever. Here are a few snaps from my week plus a few extra odds and ends:

(Preview of an upcoming style post)

(My tomato plants are coming right along with a little advice from this book)

(A summer window display at my favorite local hat store, Santa Cruz Hat Co. )

(Utilizing left over cups from this soiree as planters for seedlings)

(Decorating idea: A bar in a bookshelf! Even small apartments can squeeze in a mini bar.)

(Looking forward to making a berry pie soon...)

(I swear my sweet tooth is never satisfied.)

(When there isn't a rolling pin in site, chilled liquor bottles work just as well!)


  1. I'm a big Chuck Palahniuk fan; I'll have to read that one. Let me know if it's good?

  2. Hope you're recovering nicely!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Hi Nico!

    Jaw surgery sounds very serious. I hope you're recovering well.
    Great shoes and Iove your shelf bar. Those Bugari Pelligrino bottle are so fun! I hope they never go away. Am your newest follower!


  4. Hello Nico! :)
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog ( I'm already following you! I absolutely LOVE the colours of your blog!
    Please, visit me anytime!

    xo Mariana.

  5. Loveee these photos! And a chilled liquor bottle for a rolling pin- what a clever idea!

    Be Frassy

  6. Hope your feeling better! Love the bar in the shelf idea and the bottle for a rolling pin!

  7. great post!!!

    hope you are feeling better!

  8. Ha! I finally bought a rolling pin after nine years of having my own kitchen! HH said we didn't need one, but I figured it was time. But you're right- I wrap bottles in saran wrap before rolling so I can just throw out the plastic and not have to wash the butter and dough off the bottle!


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