Friday, May 25, 2012

High Sea Mayhem:

      Everyone, I want you to meet Bridgett! She's my best girl friend here in Santa Cruz and also the woman responsible for taking these photos. Bridgett and I became friends as freshmen in high school and we happened to live near each other which meant that we would walk each other to and from school. Now that we are grown and over the age of 21 we can walk each other home after long nights dancing downtown.  She was also kind enough to allow me to style her and snap a few photos to share! How lucky am I to have such an amazing friend?

      I love Bridgett's style and eye for knowing when to spend and when to save. Her vintage clothing collection is one that I have been borrowing and raiding since I was 16! Bridgett's biggest fashion indulgence? She swears by quality, comfortable, and sleek shoes. 



  1. nico, this is awesome. bridgette has fabulous style and i love her dress and hat. it's great to have wonderful friends like her. have a great weekend.

  2. cool hat!

    I have a giveaway from ROMWE in my blog. You can win: A backless dress + 50 $+ secret gift. Would you join?


  3. I thoroughly miss raiding Bridgett's closet! I love that hat and the shoes!

    1. this is Heather btw, not a random who has never raided Bridgie's closet.


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