Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nico goes to Gayle's!

Sunglasses- Coach, Silk Shirt- Vintage, Silk Scarf
(as belt)- Vintage, Bag- Vintage Gucci, Denim- Alloy

     Recently, I spent the entire day with my childhood friend Bridgett. I over indulged in all things feminine, such as: make overs, hair tutorials, and really pretty (and delicious!) baked goods. One of my utmost favorite bakeries in Capitola has got to be Gayle's and it was the perfect stop for lunch and pastries on girl's day. Make sure to browse the expansive selection before you take a number for service. Locals know that even when this spot is packed, the service is always very fast! Bridgett will kill me for saying this, but make sure to check out the "yesterday's goodies" section as well for lower prices on things like olallieberry turnovers and croissants! 



  1. Oh my goodness. Those cakes. I want them all. & you look quite lovely too!

  2. Looks so great!! You look wonderful and so do them cakes - yum!! Am glad you had a great time :)) xx

  3. Aw what a great post... those cakes look devilishly good... are your bangs a darker color? Something's different... I should know this right? Whatever it is I like it! Looking amazing as usual my dear :)


  4. You look gorgeous! Love that pink blouse, and the color is fabulous on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. What a great day! I love the dollhouse bakery!

  6. Nico, their cakes look delicious girl! They are so pretty. Love the vintage memorabilia and you look great!


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