Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Main Dish:

      This sake set is from Daiso, cost a total of 8 dollars for all 5 pieces! The origami crane chopstick rests were a birthday gift from my roomie! (I believe she picked them up at World Market)

      Vintage oriental tea set gifted to me by my dear friend Bianca. She is ever so sweet and also my favorite contestant in the upcoming Miss California Competition! You can learn more about her by clicking here !

      Floral etched glass cake stand atop a lazy susan from ikea. Lazy susans are perfect for frosting a cake with ease as illustrated here.

      A pieced together tea set. Each item was discovered at various flea markets, garage sales, and discount stores. I love that nothing matches and each cup and sugar bowl reminds me of a different treasure hunt for the perfectly imperfect tea set. 

      I know this may seem tacky, but I love receiving mugs as gifts and souvenirs because they have a practical function! And I don't mind serving guests mismatched mugs because it adds a touch of fun and whimsy ("Which mug did you get? I got the one from the hawaiian pancake house!"). If mismatched mugs aren't you're cup of coffee (haha!) use them to store pencils/pens on your desk instead.

Delicious lady grey tea with leftover pumpkin spice lasagna (find the lasagna recipe by clicking here)

      I know it may seem strange to some but lately I have been coveting dishes the way I covet shoes. I collected quite a few dish sets over the years and they are taking over my house as "decoration" every where, my bookshelf is FILLED with dishes. Crazy, no?! 



  1. I adore the chopstick set - super cute <3

  2. I love the vintage oriental tea set a lot! And of course the pumpkin lasagna! We need to make that again!

  3. ooo yum! i love that you posted the tea set and are putting it to use! love you!


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