Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In My Room:

      I like to think of my room as my safe haven. The decorating style I have chosen for it would have to be called perhaps.... "Gypsy-Value-Chic." Nearly everything in these four walls are just bits and pieces that have been slowly collected over time at places like Ikea, Salvation Army, antique fairs, and TJMaxx. I like to use my jewelry as decoration as well. You will also notice I have an affinity for animals. Whether it's a my little pony, a flash of gold tiger print, or butterfly decals on the walls, nature really does inspire the feel of my room:

My high tech media center:

I collect different knobs and handles 
for this chest of drawers from ikea:

For inspiration I hang my favorite items 
from hooks on my bedroom door:

The first view as you walk into my room:

Hanging hats on the walls is a 
great way to store them and fill 
empty wall space:

this is where I like to lounge 
and read periodicals:

Some of my own and other's art:

Nick nack shelf filled with treasures:

Shoes by Dolce Vita:

I love eccentric lamps: 
(Colored light bulbs are a plus!)

The thing you have all been waiting 
to see, my closet door! (It's small right?)

Thanks for visiting my room, maybe next time 
we can watch a movie and catch up!



  1. When the perfect hat box couldn't be found, the wall ended up being their storage place. Also, that wood chest of drawers below my hats is FILLED with jewelry.....I thought you of all people would appreciate that!


  2. Love how organized your stuff is. Well done.


  3. lovely shots of your room! haha I totally still have a few of those my little pony too

  4. Love it. You should do start a show called pimp my room.

  5. Love it!! I miss getting dressed up for a night out in your room lol

  6. I love it! It is so organized and chic! That lamp is great.

  7. I like so much your blog. check out mine and if you like follow me.


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