Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confetti Tips:

      Earlier this week I featured "Jackson Pollock" nails in a post called Santa Cruz Safari (view the post by clicking here). I thought they added an eclectic and quirky touch to what I was wearing. Here's how I achieved the look:

1: Start with a bright red manicure, I like to wait until a fresh manicure has had a couple days to chip:

2: Add dots of electric blue polish over each nail:

3: Dot each nail with a shimmery emerald green polish:

4: Use a baby pink colored polish to polka dot each nail:

5: Add mint green specs:

6: Voila, confetti nails! I like to use colors that don't really match for a whimsical feel. But I'm sure using all cool colors (bottle green, ocean blue, violet purple) or coordinating all warm colors (cherry red, sunkist orange, butter yellow) would be nice too!

      Oh and isn't this bracelet made out of a fork great?! This piece combines two of my favorite things, fashion and cooking! 


PS, This manicure takes awhile to dry, I suggest painting your nails right before watching a terrific movie like Carrie, perfect for the Halloween season!


  1. Thanks for your comment on 'What not to wear'. It truly was my favourite :) You really made me chuckle.

  2. This is awesome Nico! OMG...it literally looks like confetti cake! I love it, beautiful job and I love that cuff you are wearing in the last photo!

  3. They are so cute! I WOULD have to watch a movie because I never paint my nails at a good time!!!

  4. Love the nails! Scream is another good Halloween movie, esp with how scared I was getting the other day! Lol


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