Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coat Check: shop the look online!

Coat Check

Coat Check by nsaich featuring a cable beanie

      You saw me wear buffalo plaid earlier today and now you can snag the the look yourself online! Just click the link below the photo to view my current Polyvore set and shop the look for yourself! So you know, these are the EXACT boots I was wearing and I adore them. They have already been featured here and I'm sure they will be featured many times over (I hope so, because I bought them to wear with everything I already own). The best part about this outfit is that each piece kind of stands alone and can be worn as the centerpiece of any ensemble. Do you see anything you're loving?



  1. I love the plaid jacket the most - adore buffalo plaid!

  2. Me too! Its so much more modern and chic than traditional plaid. which is still amazing in its own right!


  3. That plaid is stunning! I love the colors together especially for the fall season. I'm also a huge fan of the purse, gold accessories, and bright red lipstick.

  4. I absolutely adore your ability to just walk up to any house and own it! Buffalo plaid...hmm can't say I sported it a few years back but I think I would try it now! And those boots are amazing...I suppose if you have a tiny closet.then yes they'd go w/everything! Have a good night Nico :)


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