Saturday, October 8, 2011

Michael and Me: Shop the look online !

Michael and Me

Michael and Me by nsaich featuring michael kors watches

      As usual, click the link below the photo to view the look I was sporting on my blog earlier today. You may notice that some of these items are a bit more expensive than past outfits. The reason being, if you invest in quality staples they will last. Not only will you have "forever" pieces that will withstand the test of time but spend a little more on the items you tend to wear more often. Take my gold Michael Kors watch for example, its literally been featured in every single personal style post on this blog besides this look. To be honest, I could have added my watch into that mix as well! 

       Anyway, hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and I also wanted to let you know that I have  a couple really great food posts for tomorrow! 



  1. I love a good basic black cardigan too! Most of my clothing is pretty basic. Better to display my jewelry with right?!


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