Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Investment pieces!

      Usually I am the best bargain hunter in Santa Cruz (I've been known to rescue other people's junk, see this example) but there are some things I'm willing to throw down a little bit more cash for. Investment pieces are the items that you should really spend a little extra on and pay attention to fabrics, hardware, etc because chances are, they are the things you will be wearing most often and you want them to last as long as possible. Basic is also the name of the game when it comes to investment pieces. I always try to find items that are extremely versatile and classic because I want my purchases to with stand the test of time! For ideas on what you should be splurging on a little, here are my own examples!

      Timeless black belt is something I continually add to tons of outfits (Plus then you can brag that you have a black belt...in fashion!). Also, never underestimate floral print scarves, they are always fashionable!

      An all american denim jacket will match a whole lot more than you would think. I like to embellish mine with buttons and brooches

      I think watches lend a regal touch to any outfit and the skinny bangles featured in the photo below are almost always making an appearance on my wrist:

      Add some character to your wardrobe with prints that are never out of style. Below I have featured polka dots, leopard print, as well as one unusual print that fits my own personality (and that's always in fashion!):

      Blazers lend a "pulled together" touch to anything. Even an old t-shirt and jeans! I like to have two neutral shades (one light, one dark) plus one fun and vibrant color! See the blue blazer featured here:

      This Marc Jacobs handbag may be my favorite thing I own besides my iphone! The classic quilting reminds me of chanel handbags but the gold studs make this bag edgier:

      Sunglasses are so important! Sure they add a chic look to whatever you happen to be wearing that day but they also protect your eyes and skin from the harmful sun! I try to mostly select simple frames but I have found a couple unusual shades over the years. 

What are some things you 
consider investment pieces?


PS: Click the links thru out this post! You'll discover some extra favorites of mine.


  1. Hahahahaha, love how you dressed the pillow in the scarf and belt.

    My investment pieces are jewelry, handbags, shoes, and a good winter coat.

  2. A good blazer, great pair of black heels, a statement necklace, a good fitting pair of denim, and white tees! xo

  3. I definitely agree that you need to have a great black belt...well all of these items are fantastic investment pieces and yes simple is the way to go. I want an Hermes black belt...stat!

  4. Nico you are so right! A great black belt, blazer, and purse are key!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Investment pieces are so key! It's easy to spend a lot on one item, but if that item will only be worn once, it isn't worth it at all! Love the skinny bangles! I always wear them too! Great for layering jewels on your wrist lol


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