Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santa Cruz Safari:

      Temperatures have sky rocketed this weekend! It was 80 degrees outside and gorgeous. I put this outfit together after seeing Anh sport a very similar look on her blog 9 to 5 chic (click here to see her version of the ensemble). I think getting fashion ideas from other bloggers is honestly one of my favorite things about blogging! 

                  Hat: Ross (men's department)
                  Top: Forever 21
                  Flared Jeans: Alloy
                  Shoes: Cynthia Vincent 

                 Handbag: Michael Kors
                 Scarf: vintage Oscar De La Renta

Elephant necklace: vintage find

                   Feather ring: Lucky Brand
                   Turquoise ring: gift
                   Green bracelet: Banana Republic
                   Gold spiral bracelet: vintage
                   Watch: Michael Kors
                   Evil eye bracelet: gift
                   Studded gold bangle: Coach

What do you think of my Jackson Pollock nails? I haven't quite decided if I like it or not yet.....thoughts?



  1. Cute look, doll! Love the top and the bag!

    Have a fab week! :)

  2. Love that I was the photographer! This was such a cute outfit! The make up was perfect with the clothing! And the scarf on that bag is such a nice way to make it a little more special!

  3. I miss you already paris! this is an important post to me because you shot it!


  4. Nico those nails are awesome! I love the whole look and the printed top is gorgeous! The python number is from BCBG :) I trust this puts you out of your!

  5. This is so pretty...I love how you have the scarf tied around your bag...and that hat is fantastic on you!
    Mix and Match Fashion

  6. You look adorable. like the colourful scarf, adds an interesting element

  7. lovely pictures!!!!

    tks for passing by :)



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