Thursday, August 4, 2011

A portion of food favorites:

A few cooking gadgets I'm loving at the moment:

On the far left is my mini mandolin, perfect for slicing up radishes, carrots, and even cucumber spears as thin as paper. I purchased this one at Daiso  for a mere $1.50! Located in the middle is my bright orange juicer and lemon shaped timer.  I used to juice dozens of citrus fruits with just a fork and my arms got really buff but this device has saved me SO much time! The final item in this photo is my (NEW!) "spider." At least I call it a spider because its mesh web helps me capture food from boiling water or hot oil!

Beautiful Farfalle Pasta:

Dress up your table settings by "accordion" 
folding napkins and adding a napkin ring:

Strawberries fresh picked today!
(They are also a preview of an upcoming post....
can you guess what it will be about?)



  1. cannot wait for the next post! Already got me inspired :)

  2. hahaha! im glad you enjoy them lovely girl!


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