Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watermelon Balsamic Skewers & Refreshing Mint Water:

     I've been trying my best to hang onto the fleeting days of summer here in northern california by eating as much fresh fruit as possible. Yesterday afternoon was too warm for any serious cooking so I whipped up a quick cool snack instead, watermelon balsamic skewers with a glass of mint water! 

Watermelon Balsamic Skewers...
You will need:
1 small watermelon
4 skewers (or chopsticks like I used)
1 cup balsamic vinegar
1 cup sugar

Let's get started!
1: Chop the water melon:

2: Dice into cubes as pictured below:

3: In a small pan, combine sugar and balsamic vinegar and simmer on low to medium heat until the sugar dissolves.

4: Skewer 5 pieces of watermelon onto chopsticks:

5:Transfer balsamic syrup into serving container, place syrup and watermelon skewers on a tray as shown below:

6: Pour a generous serving of balsamic syrup over the watermelon and enjoy a fresh and exotic snack!

 Mint Water:
You will need:
1 pitcher of water
1 cup of fresh mint leaves (no stems!)

Let's get started!
1: Boil the water
2: Add mint and water into a heat safe pitcher and let seep:

3: Chill in fridge, then serve! Its that simple!

How are you enjoying the 
final days of summer?



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