Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Watch" your budget!

     In case you haven't read this post, I'll let you know that I adore expensive and luxe watches (like these ones). However... let's be honest, at an average of $250 a pop, its just not in the cards. Never fear! I have a solution to this devastating conundrum! Quality look-a-likes for a much prettier price tag! All between $40 - $135, you can rock this season's trends for a fraction of the cost! 

Rose gold watches are crazy on trend right now:

This Timex watch gives off an 80's geek vibe. 
Do you think it will help me look smarter as well? (For $40 it's worth a shot!):

I've been searching for a silver watch for a few 
months but haven't found anything that fit the bill 
(men's wear inspired but still regal and elegant). 
That was until I met this lovely:

I've been lusting after mixed metal watches 
forever! Love how they can be worn with 
both silver and gold hardware: 

Tacky watch....which is why I want to 
wear it everyday and be buried in it:

What will your wrists be wearing?


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