Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shoe In.

Functional shoes: 
Basics for every outfit/occasion 
and wardrobe staples for life.
(prices range from $79 to $285)

Statement Shoes:
They may not go with everything but they sure are pretty!
(Prices range from $130 to $1,495! I hope the shoe 
box also doubles as a studio apartment!)

Which would you choose?

The Jeffery Campbell's are the clear winner for me. Not only is the price tag much easier to look at, but I love the black and nude color combo!



  1. Love the post! Especially the statement shoes! Who could say no to the Sam Edelman heels? So gorgeous <3

  2. You know I tried them on in the plain leather (pink suede is whats pictured above) and they were not comfortable! But...sometimes, for the right shoe....pain is tolerable.

  3. I know, but they are just so gorgeous it's okay! Beauty is pain lol I want the black suede I think lol

  4. I like the look of the Valentinos and in a world where I could afford them, i would pick those! I like the pale pink with the studs, pretty and punky :)

  5. aren't they beautiful? to be honest... if i had the cash i would purchase these:

    (copy paste that link, you will not be disappointed!)

  6. TOTALLY! aaaagh, so good! :) One day , I will buy shoes for both of us!

  7. oh why thank you new best friend!


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