Saturday, July 30, 2011

That's just my bag baby!

The handbag... a girl can't leave the house without one, at least this girl can't! I thought I would divulge what items I have on my person at all times:

(clockwise from top)

1: REMOVABLE GOLD CHAIN: This may be the most frequently utilized item I own. I love for my handbags to be multifunctional (they are expensive!) and this detachable chain does the trick by taking a clutch to a hands free cross body bag!

2: SUNGLASSES! I wear contact lenses and it is essential that I have shades with me at all times to protect my eyes and also my skin. The sunnies pictured are by Chloe

3: ANTIQUE PILL BOX! You never know when a headache may arise without notice, so why not be prepared with a pill box filled with whatever you may need? Plus it takes up next to no space in your purse!

4: MAKEUP ESSENTIALS! I always keep a tube of lipstick and mascara with me for last minute touch ups. A folding brush with built in mirror is also compact, functional, and necessary!

5: FLORAL CHOPSTICK CASE: This is another item that hardly takes up space and can be very helpful. I usually store chopsticks in here incase I need utensils but I have also used it to carry makeup brushes (keeps the brushes protected and the interior lining of your bag protected).

6: KEYS! I constantly check to make sure I haven't locked my keys in my car, don't you?

7: BROWN OVERSIZED CLUTCH: Love the angular detailing on this Hayden-Harnett for Target bag. I bought it a long time ago and its remained a staple in my wardrobe since. 

8: MARC JACOBS WALLET: I found this on ebay, it may or may not be real but I LOVE it. Plenty of internal pockets and such. Also came with detachable chain (mentioned 1st in this post). 

So there you have it, everything I need to survive the day! 

Yours, Nico


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