Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back To The Mainland:

Moonrise in Maui/ the view from my hotel lanai if you happened to look left.

      After being in Maui for only twenty nine glorious hours, four drool worthy meals, and a few too many tasty cocktails to count, it was time for me to return to the mainland. While enjoying champagne on the plane ride home, I made sure to write in my travel journal that I have been inking in since I was fifteen years old. I wrote of the scent of fresh brewed hawaiian coffee in the warm early morning, seeing fish whose colors mimic those of a rainbow, the taste of crispy maui onion rings battered in beer and jalapenos, even old hawaiian legends that I don't want to slip my mind. I fill my travel journal with sparkling memories that I wish to enjoy over and over even as time pushes me forward and forces me to add more information to my mental hard drive. Like my journal, my camera captures hundreds of cherished images on a single chip of technology, here are the last photos from my short lived tropical vacation:

The view from my hotel balcony if you turned to the right, loved seeing the sunset over these waters the evening this photograph was taken. 

Resort pool that I never indulged in because I was too 
preoccupied snorkeling on the local beach.

The clouds in Maui are utterly luscious and fluffy like whipped cream, they appear so low to the ground that if you climbed the nearest hill you could almost taste them. 

Yet another cherished memory from my trip was beach combing with my friend Bridgett along the shore. We picked up bits of treasure we loved as we walked to the local village. 

While stalking the sand, I picked up cone shells, sea glass, coral, and lava rock! 

Next visit, this is what I will be doing!

My favorite place for snorkeling that I visited while on the island (okay, the only place I snorkeled), Black Rock. 

      Vacations always leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for everyday life. I came home from Maui with a renewed sense of creativity and a resplendent lust for life and all things beautiful. Also perhaps the dire need to save for another vacation, perhaps a road trip next time! What are some of your favorite travel memories and how do you feel when returning home from an amazing vacation?


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  1. Sooo beautiful! I'm jealous, definitely in need of a vacation right about now, ha ha

  2. These photos are so beautiful!!! Looks so relaxing, too!!! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  3. Beautiful photos! My vacation is coming up soon. I'm not going to a beach but this still has me excited.

    xo erica

  4. Looks so amazing. I've always wanted to go here, hopefully one day :)) Wonderful, am glad you enjoyed yourself!! xoxo

  5. random ut I really am loving the yellow and lavender sea glass you have been posting on instagram:) The photo with the heart in the sand is perfection!

  6. The canned pineapple made me laugh. Marker Post 14 provides the best snorkeling on the Island of Maui. Thank you for such nice photos. Glad you got to go to the Hawaiian Islands

  7. love the pics!
    maybe we can follow each other :) let me know

  8. Beautiful photos! I love returning from holidays, knowing that I have a fresh set of amazing memories :)!


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