Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lillian's Italian Kitchen:

      It's Saturday and that means the weekend is in full effect. Sadly I do not have anything romantic planned for "date night," because my man friend has work (however I will be enjoying some great live music with friends!). But if I was headed into town on a fancy romantic evening, Lillian's Italian Kitchen would be the ultimate destination. Lillian's is located on Soquel Street here in Santa Cruz in a venue so miniscule you would almost pass it by if it weren't for the long procession of hungry folks waiting outside! If you plan on taking a lady friend sometime soon, try getting there right when the restaurant opens to ensure a table (or anticipate waiting at least a half hour and head down the street to The Crepe Place for a pre dinner drink). The careful planning or long wait time will be worth it, I promise! Lillian's offers a wide variety of authentic Italian dishes that will entice and satisfy your taste buds. One of my favorite plates is the Sunday Gravy over penne noodles, which is a thick tomato sauce overloaded with bits of chicken and beef. And be sure to have a salad with dinner because the creamy balsamic dressing makes any vegetable taste utterly phenomenal! No matter who you take with you to Lillian's Italian Kitchen, they will leave full, satisfied, and utterly impressed!

(I order a full salad along with my dinner every time I hit Lillian's, the dressing is that good.)

(I wish you could smell this dish thru the computer screen... the aroma
of carbs and perfectly oven baked cheese would hit you instantly in the face)

(Perhaps the most indulgent thing on the menu, Perfectly cooked
steak with gnocchi and gorgonzola cream sauce.....I'm salivating)

      If you happen to be heading to Lillian's tonight then you are in for a treat. Not only will you receive a delicious meal, but stop by The Crepe Place (a few steps down the street) either while you are waiting to be seated or after you finish to see some great local bands play. Including my friend Stephen's band, The Red Light District. How's that for a perfect date night, dinner and dancing?!



  1. lovely and yummy foods as always, Nico! I'm fine, how about you? I'm thinking to put your blog's badge on my blog, because I love ur blog! would you like to make a 150x113 pixels badge to grab and put to my blog?

    looking forward to hear from you, have a nice day!

    1. hello again! replying your comment on my blog, I need it by the end of September, or maybe early October still ok. I've liked your facebook fanpage, Nico :)

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  2. Oooh that looks fantastic. I love those little places that seemingly don't exist until you find them.

  3. Oh wow all the meals look amazing! The salad looks so good.. and the steak!! Yum.. (I'm so hungry now hehe!) Thanks for sharing :-)

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