Friday, September 14, 2012

Stripe for Men:

     I know that most guys hate to openly admit this, but they actually enjoy shopping. But it is rare that  men have a place to shop that actually inspires unique personal style. Enter Stripe for Men, located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. This boutique offers an array of clothing options that will be well loved in your closet for years to come. Stripe also packs a punch in the merchandising department, if you are looking to be inspired then this store is for you! Every shelf and nook is outfitted with unique items like antique globes, vintage fans, and masculine hardware and tools (They even showcase a taxidermy bear). Next time you find yourself wondering what to wear on your next big date, or what to buy your best guy friend for his birthday think of Stripe for Men!


  1. Hahaa, my hubby likes shopping. He had admitted it ;D

    xxx Lara

  2. What a great place. My husband doesn't like shopping. Not because he doesn't have style, but because he can't stand other shoppers, haha :) xx

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