Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Freedom Meat Locker:

      In yesterday's style post I mentioned that I was having "Man's Week" here on I thought the best way to kick things off would be to feature my all time favorite butcher shop, Freedom Meat Locker. Vegetarians beware, this may not be the place for you but carnivores will feel more than welcome in this environment! Here you will find the most delectable marinated meats, hand made sausages, and even hickory smoked beef jerky. The butcher shop also has a deli attached and the sandwich craftsmen will put together a meal that you won't soon forget (Just witness my face in this post). Let's take a closer look inside...

(Wishing my front door had this handle!)

      Freedom Meat Locker offers a wide variety of tasty goods. From fresh to frozen, filet mignon to ground chuck, there is something for everyone here and every item is utterly mouth watering. If you happen to have a furry friend, this venue also offers an assortment of left over bones and dog treats as well! You can see a complete list of their products by clicking here. 

      See that man peeking into the camera lens in the above photo? Well that man was my hero on that particular day. He saw how many photos I was taking, and asked if I was interested in seeing the actual meat locker (featured in the first photo of this post) and it was so amazing to see the process of how they break down the animals into products that are so delicious! If you are interested in their food practices or want to learn more about how to cook and prepare meats, please click here

(I'm not the only person who thinks Freedom Meat Locker is
the ultimate, look at all their awards!)

(Wine & spice marinated tri tip sandwich with avocado, it will change your life.)

(I bought some of this amazing bacon and made this candied bacon sandwich recipe)

      Not only does Freedom Meat Locker offer an amazing selection of products, but I also left with decorating inspiration! I featured a cow skull back in this post and I would love to add lights to the eyes now! If you have the chance to visit Watsonville, California I highly suggest you take the time to visit this local treasure! 



  1. Great post! Seriously, I love that they allowed you into the actual meat locker. That is so cool.

    And thank you so much for your offer of cookies! If you mean it, I'd love something lemony. I'm really excited for an opportunity to taste some of your baked goods!


  2. Wow this looks like such an amazing place, you were lucky to see so much! I really like that skull, so I checked out your other post too :-)

  3. Cool! My local butcher went through some staffing issues and now they've closed down! We've just been getting meat from our local grocery store, but I have very fond memories of our favorite butcher guy making delicious experimental sausages: one with curry, another inspired by banh mi sandwiches...

  4. Pretty cool place! Now I'm craving a nice big steak:)

  5. The first picture did scare me a little but I am a meat lover and the ham and the marinated meat look so very delicious!!!!! This is indeed a very cool butcher shop :)

  6. I didn't want to see this, Nico!!! O.o

    Luv ya anyways! And I'm happy that you remembered those mood lip glosses XD Perhaps we are around same age, or I am just a lil bit older (coz you can't be as old as me, according to your pics ;D)

    xxx Lara


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