Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Gypsy Junk Rescuer Strikes Back!

{Cow skull actually rescued by my boyfriend from Salvation Army}

      For those of you who don't already know this about me, I am a thrift store and bargain junkie. I regularly hunt for clothes at Salvation Army on 50% off days and I'm always looking for inexpensive but practical home items. Over the past few weeks I have been curating an array of interesting pieces and wanted to share some of my treasures and ideas for vintage goods!

I paid 50 cents for this old cheese grater at Salvation Army and spray
painted it a stark white and transformed it into an earring organizer!

I love the classic style of banker's lamps and the green shade adds 
color to my living room. (Another addition to the apartment courtesy 
of my  boyfriend)

Vintage Halston watch ($6) off set by an expensive (and
borrowed from a friend!) nail color, Chanel's "Holiday."

I love when food and fashion collide!

(I've already repurposed one of these in an upcoming DIY project!)



  1. I like those milk glass items! And what a great idea to turn that cheese grater into an earring organizer! So clever!

  2. LOVE the cheese grater as the earring holder - such a cute idea!

    The Other Side of Gray

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  4. the cowskull came out so good.


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