Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Morsels!

Preview of an upcoming (and exciting!) style post!
      This past week was almost exactly what I needed. Lots of projects to focus on, school work, and short (but sweet!) visits with friends. Busy and productive, but with a certain balance of fun in the mix. I've been feeling really creative with home DIY projects (some that I hope to share in the coming days) and my goal for this week is to spend a bit more time in the kitchen working with the fresh herbs I've been growing and all of the fresh produce that is starting to emerge from my garden! Sunday's are my favorite day of the week and I  hope you all can savor yours as much as I savor mine! 

Vintage radios at local Antique store, Clearwater Bazaar.
(Great spot! Owners are welcome to bargaining)

Cooks Illustrated + fresh lavender that I want to dry and use to season poultry. 

The first radish from my backyard! These babies are SPICY!

Lego candy. The best thing about these edible toys? They actually build and stack!
Find them at Marini's downtown, at the wharf, or boardwalk. 

I couldn't resist a salted soft pretzel + kitschy photo op!

Constructed paper elephant head! I wanted to purchase a do it yourself
 kit but I knew I would end up tearing all my hair out while making it. 



  1. The preview of the outfit post is exciting! I can't wait to see the rest.

    And the LEGO candy? How adorable it that?!

  2. Lovely details. I love Cook's magazine and lavender plants too. My lavender plant just died though...i guess i dont know how to take care of it :(. I love the elephant head...too creative!!! :)

    1. Also like the details of your top.
      Vintage radio is a good piece of decoration, isnt it? :)

  3. I must be hungry because all i can focus on are the lego candy and pretzel pics! haha...Ok, not true. But they do look yummers. Can't wait to see the outfit post!

  4. Wait what???? LEGO CANDY? I'm dying!!!! This is too awesome! And you'd be so proud of me :) I managed to whip together a cajun chicken pasta dish for me and the boy - and it was actually good! :)


  5. Very nice photos!!!

    Kisses from Italy



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