Friday, June 22, 2012

You're Invited!

      The one thing I really have loved about having a blog is being able to virtually "meet" so many new and exciting people. For example, I don't know what I was doing with all my spare time before I found Gracey's blog or Heather's! It's been so nice to see into the lives of so many other bloggers out there but I realized that it is kind of sad that most of us will never be able to spend time together in person. Rather than pout over this fact, I have invited my readers into my apartment for a quick little virtual tour. Maybe next time you can stay awhile and I can bake up a batch of these served with this cocktail!

A lamp I've had since childhood experienced a recent
 makeover with gold paint and a new lightbulb shade

Bathroom decor: Fresh flowers and succulents live in vintage milk glass.
(You may have seen another peek of this decor here.)

Media cabinet that has been paper mached with the pages of To Kill A Mockingbird,
ceramic white boots that hide stray chords and outlets, and an old moroccan pouf.

Decorating tip: cover books that you are ashamed of (hello World of Warcraft
 book series!) with  upcycled grocery bags for a more uniform and polished look.

New and vibrant leafy plants!

Herbs sprouting from seeds I planted weeks ago. See how much
they have grown in comparison to the photo from this post. 


  1. Hi Nico, what a great post! Lovely idea and you have such creative taste, I love it! I really like the milk glass collection and the ceramic white boots. So cute!

  2. I got as far as that media cabinet and stopped - LOVE THIS!!! Now, did you do this yourself? If so, can you PLEASE! post a how-to ... I have several pieces of old furniture that I love BUT I know they would need 'refreshing' - I just have never been able to find anything that speaks to my heart like this!

  3. Wow! I love your shoecollection!!! xx



  4. Beautiful home!! I love your lamps and that pouf, have been wanting one of those for ages. They are wonderful!! Maybe one day I'll be lucky and be around your way and we can say hello :))) Such a great post. Have a wonderful weekend darling girl!! xx

  5. Nice ideas. Thanks for sharing


  6. Oh thanks for ur invite dear!:) u are right, is very nice the connection we create through the blogs!:) kisses!


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