Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hairstyle Tutorial: Easy Updo!

      Some of you may recognize Bridgett from this style feature or you might remember that she shot these photographs of me a few weeks ago. Bridgett is a close friend of mine and she also has her bachelor's degree in fine arts and works in the photography industry. This girl is pretty busy most mornings preparing for potentially very hectic work days. But just because there aren't enough hours in the day doesn't mean Bridgett won't have time to defeat bad hair days. She and I came up with this simple three step hairstyle that will transform less than perfect hair days and keep you looking fresh, put together, and ready to start your day!

Finish with hair spray and you're good to go!



  1. That looks wonderful!! I'll be honest and say this is how I do my hair most days, haha. It gets out of control and this is easier. And with children it's easier out of my face when I am playing with them!! Gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend darling girl!! Xxx

  2. Her hair looks great! Thanks for the advice :) I love the dress


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