Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D.I.Y: Globe Lamps

       Maggie, my friend who snapped these spectacular photos, told me she was moving and letting go of a few items. I know she has good taste in just about every aspect of her life so I knew I'd end up with something amazing. My living room has no overhead lighting and I could always use more floor and table lamps so I was extra excited when Maggie told me she was getting rid of a pair of lights. I saw potential in them instantly and quickly got to work painting and re-accessorizing the lamps using materials mentioned in this post. I ended up with a pair of unique lamps that lend a soft glow and a bit of personality and history to my living room. Here's an outline of how I began:

Before photo.

Tip: Tape carefully, the print can peel off easily from vintage globes. Also, to split the
globe in half, I used an icing spatula and used it as leverage to pop the orb in half. 

After all the paint had dried on both the globe halves and the lamp bases,
I replaced the bulbs, put the lamp together, and added the simple touch
 of a faux pearl to the very tip top of the lamp.

Lucky for me the lamp bases were free (thanks Maggie!) the Globe was $3 @ Salvation Army, gold paint was $5, and the faux pearls were $1 for both. (I added an extra buck for sales tax.) 



  1. Wow, what an awesome idea! I never thought to turn a globe into a lampshade. You are so creative!

  2. Those are marvelous!! Very cool idea. I love it!! It's fun to create things from other stuff. Thank you for the sweet comment doll, yes, I do love my hats :)) And sometimes I wish I could buy more as they do get expensive at times, but I am always browsing ebay and thrift shops for a bargain & I'm quite happy when I find one :)) One day we'll go hat/bargain shopping :))) Have a wonderful weekend my darling girl!! xoxo


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