Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cozy Casa:

A faux tiger throw that I scored at the local Santa Cruz 
Antique Fair that adds a touch of drama to a side bench.

     Lately I feel like my home resembles more of a museum of curiosities than an actual residency but that doesn't seem to stop me from being attracted to the strange and unusual when it comes to home wares. Rocks, crystals, and second hand finds seem to be my favorite items of choice. I love the character, patina, and history of old objects because it's almost as if they have lived an entire life before I found them and their presence in my home will write a new chapter. Fresh flowers and plants litter every nook and corner of my house and typically take their sabbatical in my backyard and get planted  (bouquets of roses get hung and dried and used for other purposes). Occassionally I find a new item (a rarity for me because I prefer to unearth items at goodwill) that I can't resist and I might make the splurge after careful consideration. I think that it is important to make your home one that you enjoy and love spending time in. The world can be such a chaotic and crazy place and I strive to create a sanctuary in my cozy casa to return to each day! I try to only bring items into my home that have a purpose and function to avoid lots of clutter but a few extra nick nacks always seem to sneak in one way or another! What do you like to do in your own space to make it feel more personal and cozy?

Hot pink Cyclamen flowers that I picked up at the Santa Cruz Flea Market, just $1!
 The young lady I purchased these from said that her and her father grow plants
 together and sell them, isn't that an excellent way to bond? I know I love 
gardening with my father too! 

Picked up this lustrous Amethyst crystal cluster at GemShow, by far one of my favorite 
stores in the area which specializes in rocks, minerals, and unique stone jewelry.  

This white hand (scooped up at the Santa Cruz Flea) that I use to display 
jewelry is actually an antique latex glove mold! I'm obsessed with it's 
sleek and strangeness. Random fact, I happen to be HIGHLY allergic 
to latex, I even have a massive scar from a band aid that I left on too 
long after receiving a wretched oven burn. 

      I can't seem to ever have enough rocks and crystals in my home, I believe them to be natural works of art and scatter them liberally in every nook and cranny. Lately, I love the idea of filling potted plants with sparkly gems..... 

....Which is what I did for this lavender orchid that I purchased for my boyfriend. 
He is an artist and I love bringing him unusual varieties of flowers to draw and paint. 

      Daffodils have been flooding my home lately, their happy appearance instantly brightens my day and yellow daffodils happen to be a very inexpensive flower (budget friendly and beautiful). I picked up three bunches at Whole Foods for less than 5 dollars! If you do keep fresh flowers in your home, be sure to change the water in the vase daily for maximum bloom longevity!

Displaying paper whites on a blue and white printed plate in my bathroom along with a new product, Kiehl's Creme De Corps light-weight body lotion. So far I love this lotion, not sticky or overly scented in anyway and leaves your skin supple and hydrated. 



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  2. That is definitely the purpose of a home Nico! To dress it up with your taste. HaHa! I have a Zebra blanket throw. My home is very minimalistic. Everything is brown and beige. Very simple. Not many items. But that's just me. I don't like a lot of stuff.

  3. I love your home doll...lots of wonderful pieces, so cosy and warm!! I could come right over for a chat and sweet treat!! xx

  4. Bellissime foto. Bacio Marcella

  5. Haha, yeah I know what you mean by trying to buy only things with a function but then all those other things sneak in, without you even noticing it ;)
    I miss to have my own place. Here in Ohio I live in a furnished apartment because I am here for only five months, and I think its hard to make a furnished place really personal. Anyway, in two months I go back home and then I move in with my fiance and we can't wait to arrange everything in our own four walls- we already drew the whole apartment on paper ;)


  6. I love photos, plants and books, so that's practically the only decoration, apart from the occasional knick-knacks bought on vacations.

    And I love the flowers, they give so much colour!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  7. Gorgeous photos--and your items are so very resourceful! That hand is great!!! Too cool it's both antique and functional. :)

  8. You have so much fun stuff! I do the same thing, I get whatever tickles my fancy, but now I don't have room anymore because I live in a very small house with my friend, haha :)

  9. You are really skilled to make a room cozy! It looks like arranged for a magazine <3 For me it´s cozy if there are many books, wood, and old furniture ... but I´m sure I´m not really talented in making a room cozy ;)

    Wish you a great rest of the week, dear!

    xx Rena


  10. Loving the amethyst stones! I love working with stones too. I'm glad you like Iggy, she's amazing. :) I've been pretty good actually, things are getting slightly better. :) How are you? I love your blog too! Sorry I have been MIA, school and getting work takes up all my time. By the time I get home I just want to watch stuff and apply for more jobs lol. We should talk more: add me on Facebook. :) Blaze Dawson

  11. Great hone decoration and a perfect place to relax

    I like your blog. What do you think about, following each other with GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know, i follow back


  12. WOW...love your house's decoration!

    New post on my blog:

  13. Fun post!! I love thrifting, garage and estate sales. I used to tell the kids "we're going treasure hunting" as we'd head to a thrift store for an object or piece of furniture I could use or paint and give new life to. It adds to the adventure of decorating instead of strictly buying retail : )

  14. Lovely pics, this looks like a really cozy place to live :)

  15. It's always amazing how much people spend to have their house comfortable and fashionable, yet you spend so little by collecting piece by piece, and reusing. :) Something we all should strive for.

  16. I love all the flowers that you have in your home! I need to add some potted plants to my decor!

    Fizz and Frosting

  17. Hello from spain: i like very much this decoration. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  18. Hi Nico,

    Your house is very beautiful with all the flowers around - they really do make a home look lovely. The tiger throw makes for a glamorous look.

    Happy weekend

  19. hahaha, I feel like my home seems a museum too!!! I love to decorate it with items from my travels, especially with different newspapers from different countries!

  20. Fresh flowers add something to the atmosphere that I don't think you can replicate with anything else. What an awesome glimpse of your home! :D


  21. Love the orchids.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org

  22. That tiger throw is soooooo fabulous! LOVE THAT!

    Pearls & Paws

  23. lovin the little details around your place - that's what makes homes so fun, unique and comforting!

    Lady à la Mode


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