Monday, April 22, 2013

Floating On An Earth Sized Crystal Ball:

     Recently you have seen a small portion of my rock collection in this "Cosy Casa," post as well as some of my own handmade jewels in this post. I love collecting rocks and crystals and some of my favorite pieces come from the store Gemshow in Capitola, California. This store has the biggest assortment and variety of stones in my area along with some of the best prices! I adore reading and learning about how each rock is formed and these bits of minerals also make for wonderful home accent pieces. Unlike flowers (which I love!) rocks won't wilt and die out and I dig (pun intended) the idea of having a bit of nature inside my home at all times! Some of my favorite stones are intricate jaspers, boulder opal, and labradorite. I took some photographs during my last visit to Gemshow, maybe you can pick a favorite as well!   

Geodes treated and fused with titanium and other metals, I love these guys!

Boulder Opal (my favorite stone), in it's raw form! I think it looks like alien writing left on earth's surface.

An assortment of carved stone skulls, that striped zebra jasper is so striking!

Rustic pieces of petrified wood which is believed to absorb negativity...I feel like everyone could use a piece of this!

Polychrome Jasper is such an unusual mineral, it's almost as if each piece of rock is illustrating a picture of a much larger story. 

Not totally sure on what type of teeth these are other than the fossil is from China, if anyone has any idea on what these teeth might be to, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Gorgeous natural stone beads for crafting and jewelry making.

Carved Fluorite points with lots of amazing layers of color. 

The face on this orange adventurine pig is killing it.

I'd love to fill the bottom of a fish tank with some of these little stones. 

An assortment of various rocks and minerals.

Another fossil material that I cannot remember the name of but I am pretty sure its a type of ancient squid, how strange and bizarre!

Quartz cluster on pyrite, such a stunning piece!



  1. Hi Nico! Love rocks too! What an amazing stuff, my fav pieces are the skulls and the pig, really impressive! Kisses dear, have a good week! xo

  2. So many pretty images, Nico.
    And I want a skull too!

  3. Hello from Spain: interesting pictures. Keep in touch

  4. Oooo, so much great stuff. I need to go to one of these shows too.

  5. Wow Nico, I am in awe of all these gorgeous gems, minerals and crystals, they are so serene and really beautiful, I know a lot of people use them for healing and luck too.

  6. oh WOW Nico! These are awesome! I love the geodes for their marvelous color. They're so pretty! I would walk in amazement if I was there. HaHa Have a great week doll!

  7. I used to be obsessed with things like this when I was younger! I used to always buy them when I went on holiday =)The skulls are wonderful.

    Corinne x

  8. I, too, have a passion for rock-like things. I have since I was a little girl (I still have a few of the geodes I collected in grade school!). I must admit...I'm especially lovin' those skulls--too cool! :) T.

  9. So many amazing stones! I used to have a big thing for them and would buy them at a place called GeoClassics whenever we went to Newport, RI. But I've since run out of room/don't have a place of my own to put them all day I'll get back to it :)

  10. Lovely post:) In my grandmas small town there used to be a rock shop that was my absolute favorite place in the world. I seemed to stop collection rocks when that shop closed down, I also have no clue where my rock collection went from those days either. I adore those skull carved rocks.

  11. Dear Nico, in my praxis for psychotherapy I´m working a lot (and I hope successful) with stones - I´m sure that stones have great effects!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  12. That Pig!! :) haha, classic. <3 B


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