Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Small Morsels:

Made sure to squeeze lots of citrus for breakfast each morning after recovering from the flu.

      As the days get progressively more beautiful here in Santa Cruz so does the intensity of the road construction. Warm weather not only means lovely afternoons but also lots of road work here when the sun is hot enough to dry the pavement. But I couldn't care less about the angry groan of tractors and heavy machinery, this gives me an excuse to turn up the happy tunes full blast or take a walk down the near by river path for a bit of quiet scenery! It's like that old saying, when life gives you lemons... make lemonade! Which is literally what I have been doing, but I took things one step further by added tangelos, grapefruits, and limes to the mix!

Couldn't possibly get enough of my favorite flowers, daffodils, this season!

A favorite scene from my semi regular walk down the near by river path in Santa Cruz. 

New (to me) Betsey Johnson corset in bright florals that I love.

Purple graffiti cauliflower that I roasted in my oven with simple salt, pepper, and olive oil. 

A green bagel that I enjoyed a several weeks ago for St. Patty's Day.

Freshly baked bread from my favorite local bakery, The Buttery (I think all the local bakeries are my favorite!).

My boyfriend and I make and enjoy most of our meals at home but once a week we like to get out for a bit of a date. We prefer to go out during happy hour (to save a couple bucks) and on weekdays (to avoid major crowds). Hula's tropical cocktails and appetizers are a favorite of ours, be sure to check out the tiki room for swanky mood lighting!

Black wild rice with (homegrown!) roasted spagetti squash and (homegrown) lemon thyme! Rustic, vegan, and above all... utterly tasty!

Listening to records spin while enjoying the comforts of my small backyard/garden.

My new favorite drink of choice, Rack & Riddle's Blanc De Noirs, a champagne made with a red grape! I picked up a bottle of this at Vino Prima on the Santa Cruz Wharf, an excellent local hot spot!



  1. oh girl, you haven't seen construction til you come to new orleans. hahaha they're literally tearing up all the streets. we literally have to think how we're going to get somewhere at the moment. hahaha

  2. Everything looks so great! Love daffodils too. I haven't ever seen purple cauliflower here before, is it much like the white one? I also haven't seen a green bagel before! Its interesting to see the differences in cuisine and local produce from other countries!

  3. I love those kind of overviews! Wonderful! The rice- dish looks great and I also think it is important to go on dates on a regular basis, no matter how long you've been together. And the Beach Boys are always great. I think I should listen to them right now- it just started raining and I think it will be good to get into some beach- boys mood :)

  4. Everything looks wonderful doll, love the coloured food :))) So yummy. Am glad all is going well for you :)) xx

  5. You know how much I love your measuring cup...AND it's a juicer! ;) Your black wild rice dish looks yummy!

  6. You know how much I love your measuring cup...AND it's a juicer! ;) Your black wild rice dish looks yummy!

  7. Hi Nico! Your small morsels made me hungry:) Is very interesting to see all the different kind of food you shared, in particular I'd love to try the Rack & Riddle Blanc De Noirs, seems very good! Kisses dear, hope you are well! xo


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