Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventure: Fort Bragg, CA

Rainbow of a sunset during the long drive. 

      In the summer months when Santa Cruz fills up with tourists, sometimes it's nice to play tourist also and leave this charming city for a moment! A quick get away was in order and my boyfriend whisked me away to the northern most part of California that I have ever visited. Fort Bragg really is a city worth talking and bragging about! Here are a few snapshots of my trip! 

Floral socks from Gap worn beachside.

A haunting chandelier at the Country Inn Bed & Breakfast,
where we stayed (more on this lovely venue soon!).

A rickety old house that I wanted to love on and live in, located two blocks from my favorite beach in town.

These hanging decorations have inspired me to make my own!

Rare pink sea glass from Fort Bragg's local sea glass museum, I wish I could find a handful of this stuff to put on display!

Art in a local gallery, I took an extremely small print home with me.

Ate too much delicious food while away.

Flowers growing out of beach rocks.

Just another unknown California coast beach.

      I don't know about you, but I do a lot of exploring while out of town. I took tons of photos and I am excited to share them with you so that you make take a little virtual vacation with me! Feel free to follow along as things are happening at!



  1. I love that old house!!! It would be so fun to fix up.

  2. wonderful, I love it all :)) So great. Have a gorgeous week doll x

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like the abandoned house. Keep in touch

  4. I always wanted to go to Fort Bragg. I had a friend go every summer and come back to school and brag, er, tell me about it lol

    xo Jennifer

  5. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like that old house is calling on you to give her some TLC! ;) Looks like a fab adventure, Nico. T.

  6. This looks like so much fun! I really need to get away for a weekend...too much of the same thing going on

  7. Hi Nico,

    Lovely that you were able to get away for a weekend and I loved seeing all your gorgeous photos.
    Happy week

  8. Hey dear!
    I am so happy to see that you got on a small vacation :) It looks so wonderful and I wish I could have seen this part of the U.S. too! I have to go there one day :)
    I love to go on exploration tours, even in my own city. There is always something to explore and often I think one needs not to go far away to find the most exiting things :)
    Today I will go to the lake where I haven't been since the floodings in Germany started so I think it will look completly different from the normal... lets see :)
    Have a wonderful day!



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