Monday, June 3, 2013

Cozy Casa:

The gem fair rolled thru the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium and I picked up this
 amethyst candle holder. I think the fire light looks enchanting on the raw crystal clusters.

      On overcast days like today, I get eager to return to the cozy confines of my home. Filled with curiosities and treasures, I don't think I could ever reach the point of boredom while stashed away in my apartment. This morning I ventured out to the beach at 5:30 AM to enjoy the salt air and collect "findings," you can follow me on instagram for updates on pretty bits and bobs that I find! While I love to venture out and about to get things done thru out the day, it's home that I always look forward to!

Lately I've been spinning records at home and mixing my own drinks. It's like they always say, why go out when you could stay in?

Simple purple freesia that perfume the house.

I have a little collection of seeds that I use for my backyard gardening projects
and this walnut box was the perfect catch all for the small seed packages. 

More flowers, this time festive dyed daisies in hobnail milk glass vases.

A peek at my bookshelves littered with personal objects including
Russian nesting dolls, a old manual camera (that I used while taking
photo classes in high school), and raw citrine. 
I may love bug brooches (as seen here and here) but I don't love the type of bugs that eat my plants. I've been reading Mother Earth Magazine for tips and tricks. 
My dad has a bay tree and rather than spend money for the leaves in my local grocery store, I  dry out branches my dad brings and I spend a few moments plucking the leaves. 

This fabulous crystal ball only lived in my home for a couple days but I did enjoy it's sparkle before I delivered it to Sabrina as her wedding present. 


  1. I love that walnut box. So cute!

  2. Hi dear, you have the loveliest collection of treasures in your home, really cute and adds wonderful character!

  3. I have a nice album collection. Love your idea of mixing drinks at home and spinning the turntable. And...what a lovely wedding gift you chose for Sabrina! T.

  4. You have such great stuff! I love that amethyst candle holder! I want it!

  5. What a wonderful peek into your home:) I love the amethyst candle holder and the seed jar is too cute. Keep up the great posts!

  6. Nico, you got many little treasures at your place! Love the bug brooches, too adorable! Kisses dear! xo

  7. I know just what you mean -- imperfect weather makes us turn to our inner surroundings in a very comforting way. :D

  8. The thought of going down to the beach that early sounds so serene!

    xo Jennifer

  9. Gorgeous surroundings, love it. I do these things too when the weather isn't grand outside. Have a great day doll x


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