Monday, June 24, 2013

Glass Beach: Fort Bragg, CA

Woke up at 5AM to score this chunk of cobalt blue
sea glass from a small cave just off shore.

        Returning home from a fabulous vacation can sometimes (okay, always) be a difficult task. The antidote to that difficulty can be sifting thru photographs you snapped while away. My trip to Fort Bragg is one that resonates clearly in my mind and I won't soon forget the voyage. These photographs were taken at my favorite place in the entire city, Glass Beach. In Santa Cruz, I get up just before the sun rises to try and find just a few bits of sea glass in the morning. At glass beach, the entire shore is littered with tumbled sea glass! In the early 20th century Fort Bragg had three major dumping sites for trash which over the years created spectacular beaches where the sand is made up of bits of smooth tumbled glass, porcelain, and other fragments of a society past. As someone who has loved to comb the beach since she was a little girl, you could say I was in heaven but that would be an understatement! 

View of the beach shore.
This street sign might be the only official marker for Glass Beach however,
cars also line the block as another unofficial indication of this ocean treasure.
I only got to see Glass Beach at this hour of the
day once, but I will never forget it.
A short climb down some rocky terrain and you are at a secluded beach covered in sea glass!
In the distance I saw this island that I thought looked much
 like a turtle swimming thru the blue waters.
Several hours were spent combing the sea glass each day and enjoying this view in the distance.
After a brisk walk and a short climb to the ocean, it was nice
 to take a seat and search for extra special bits of glass.

At this beach you can even find bits of sea milk glass, can you find bits of it in this photo?

This image was taken on my instagram, find me here.

Rain boots have become an essential part of my wardrobe, these
 hunters are a favorite pair (also check out these boots by Missoni).

Leaving glass beach was difficult, this was one of the last images I took while in Fort Bragg.

       If looking thru photos from a vacation was a good way to reminisce, then sorting thru carefully collected sea glass from a trip would have to be the best way to remember a beach side journey! I took home a few excellent souvenirs that were completely free by simply taking a closer look at the beach shore. I hope to photograph and share some of my special finds very soon! 


PS: I'm still plowing thru more photos from my mini break, but I hope to get back to food and fashion blogging ASAP.


  1. Beautiful pictures. That's going to be the destination for my next vacation.

  2. These pics are breathtaking! Great to hear you had a fab time! I, too, just got back from vacation about a week ago. The only bad thing about a great vacation is that is has to end!!! Joy & hugs, T.

  3. These photos are simply beautiful! Would love to visit Santa Cruz and Glass beach one day!


  4. Lovely photos! Look like you scored some excellent weather.....Fort Bragg is so often foggy.

  5. Wow, how fascinating! I can only imagine how surreal these beautiful views look in person!

  6. What a beautiful place and the polished glass has the look of smooth jewels. Nice find with your cobalt blue piece!

  7. I am a bit jealous. This is so amazing. I love all of the pictures that you have posted. Thanks for the link to the Instagram. I am so glad to hear that you had an awesome vacation. Thanks for the post.

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