Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Country Inn: Fort Bragg, CA

      While staying in Fort Bragg for an evening, my boyfriend and I opted to spend a night in a local bed and breakfast called "The Country Inn." The charming property is filled to the brim with fresh flowers and located just two blocks away from a sincerely breathtaking beach (more on that soon). With such a beautifully painted and tended to exterior you would assume that this venue would be expensive, however I found their rates very affordable especially since you receive an elegant home cooked breakfast in the morning as well! Some of my favorite elements of this bed and breakfast were the amazing wallpapers that cover most of the walls, thoughtful decor elements (be sure to check out the adorable makeup towel that I found waiting for me in the bathroom), and the friendly owners of the business! Given the chance to make my way up to Fort Bragg again, I would definitely stay at The Country Inn another time! 

I was tempted to ask if they had any extra scraps of wall
 paper laying around, I loved this bird print!

I'm jealous of their fresh lavender, mine is still getting
established and hasn't produced many flowers yet. 

More fabulous wall paper and a black makeup towel, how thoughtful!

A mauve velvet chair that I thought should belong in my own living room!

One of my favorite wall prints in the entire place!

A cozy place to enjoy the sunset.

      I've been loving the thought of exploring destinations that are within a reasonable driving distance from my home. Fort Bragg, which is close to 6 hours outside Santa Cruz, was a truly memorable voyage that has encouraged me to explore even more destinations! Are you planning any Summer time trips or excursions? I'd love to hear all about it!



  1. What a cute place! I love Fort Bragg...and Mendocino, too.
    That makeup towel is a brilliant idea. I want one for my home!

  2. Oh wow, that place is beautiful! If I ever go to that part of the country I'll have to try and stay there :)

  3. nice photos!


  4. Fab photos! I love staying at B&B's. We just came back from one in New England. It was awesome--and it also had makeup towels. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  5. I would have been jealous of the lavender as well! Lovely photos and it looks like a really cute place. I have never stayed in a BB but it looks like something I should do!

  6. What a lovely place!!


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