Friday, June 7, 2013

La Selva Beach:

      With Summer fast approaching, I have already begun spending more time than ever exploring the different beaches in my area. I love how even in one coastal stretch of land, the beaches can all be so different. Last week I shared photos of Natural Bridges here in Santa Cruz which is called that because of the massive archway that has formed in one of the ocean rocks as a result of natural weathering. Today, we are taking a little sandy journey to La Selva Beach. "La Selva," actually means "the jungle," and I couldn't think of a more suitable title for this particular stretch of sand. Walking down this beach, you see a massive expanse of ocean in one direction and in the opposite direction you will see high cliffs covered in foliage and trees much like a beachside jungle. So why don't you kick off your shoes and get your toes wet in the ocean waves and take a short walk thru Jungle Beach with me:

      As previously mentioned in my cozy casa post earlier this week, I have been getting up at the crack of day light each morning to scavenge the beaches for sea glass. Sea glass is formed when Mother Nature intervenes in human mistakes. Glass bottles and other trash make their way into the ocean and the litter gets violently tumbled by the ocean waves and sea sand to form smooth and frosted pieces of glass. You can view some pieces I have collected here and here as well as see some jewelry I have created with these rare bits of glass by clicking this link. I like to begin my day as early as 5am and hit the beach for some exercise and also for the pursuit of unique treasures. I find that if I start my day early and in a productive manner, I am set up for success thru out the day. I'd love to know, how do you get your mornings off to a good start?



  1. That place for bodyguards is so iconic I love it

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  2. Aw these photos are so peaceful and serenely beautiful, what an amazing place!

  3. Lucky we live in California. We got everything we need.

  4. Your photos make really think about a beach holiday ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena


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