Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deviled Eggs:

       Happy Easter Sunday to all! Much like Christmas, and Halloween, I love this holiday. For me, Easter is an excuse to try new spring recipes (I'm making asparagus and zucchini risotto!) and to spend time with loved ones. Last year I spent the day with my very close friends Paris and Sean drinking mimosas, decorating eggs (yes, I still do that), and this year will be no exception. I plan on serving these deviled eggs for dessert. You may be wondering why I would serve eggs for dessert, but these deviled eggs are actually made out of meringue and sprinkles! I followed this recipe and simply piped the meringue into different shapes and added additional food coloring for extra oomph! 

 Wishing each of you
 a happy Easter!



  1. Haha...! i actually thought those were real eggs! I'm not one for completely sweet treats like meringue but I like the idea, it's creative.

  2. Haha, it was only after reading the text that I realized that those aren't real eggs. They must taste amazing too :p

  3. Happy Easter! If I didn't have kids to decorate eggs with, I would do it myself too! I love it!
    We had devilled eggs yesterday with out Easter dinner! I LOVE them soooo much!

  4. So excited to spend easter round two with you! Those meringues are SO yummy!
    As I told you already I have awarded you with the Blogger Appreciation Award! The post will be up tomorrow :)


  5. Those are wonderful..such an inventive way to do it!! Hope you had a super Easter time my darling girl!! x


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