Monday, April 16, 2012

Men's Style Feature: Gingham & Khaki

Shades- Emporio Armani, T-Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Gingham
Shirt- Vintage, Coat- Zara, Denim- Deisel, Shoes- H&M

"I like that this outfit works for multiple occasions. It's
 both dressy/casual and can be worn day/night."

      When Shahin showed up at my door wearing this outfit, I knew I had to feature it on Satin & Salt! I'm finding that gingham shirts are a universal wardrobe staple for both men and women (I love this version for myself, in yellow). Like stripes and plaid, gingham is also what I would consider to be a "forever" print, meaning it never really goes out of style. I also love how Shahin wore a colored undershirt vs a basic white T.  A simple enough idea, (using items you may already own in your closet) that creates a lot more visual interest in your outfit. If you're the kind of guy who digs accessories, I suggest this watch too. 


PS: You can view Shahin's music and art blog by clicking here


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