Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Party:

Garden Party:

Garden Party: by nsaich featuring a flower print dress

      Over the last week I have been diligently weeding my back yard. My dandelion plants weeds had grown to over 13 feet tall and had taken over every square inch of space available. After I had that problem remedied I decided that the only way the place wouldn't end up in disarray again would be if I planted a garden, so I did. Admittedly, I went a bit crazy planting over a dozen different herbs, 2 types of edible flowers, as well as tomatoes (red and yellow), hot peppers, radishes, and bell peppers. I could not be more excited to cook with fresh herbs and produce this summer season! 
      I've honestly never been much for gardening up until now. My father would ask me to help him with yard work and I would tentatively assist him with digging, tilling soil and the like... trying with so much effort not to get dirt under my finger nails or get my jeans grass stained. Lately, I could care less about the grime and mud... letting myself fully appreciate how refreshing it is to spend time outside doing something productive. But after all the hard work is done for the day, I'd love to slip on this unusual zucchini printed dress by Dolce and Gabbana and attend a fabulous garden party! I'll just have to figure out how to get all the dirt out from under my nails before applying that electric shade of Nars yellow nail varnish!



  1. Love this! I wanna a pick of you weeding in this outfit! Ha - loving that dress... and this is so a title of one of my future blog posts... love our great minds :)


  2. i would wear this ENTIRE outfit. love

    take a peep...

    if you like, follow me on bloglovin! and i shall do the same

  3. Love this look Nico! That dress is gorgeous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Love the garden style Nico! My favorite is the that a carrot? So cute! Hope your week is going well.

    xo Grace


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