Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: Color Blocked Earrings

      Recently while re-evaluating my jew box and wardrobe I found a pair of yellow gemstone tear drop earrings. I remember purchasing them several years ago on the cheap at Nordstrom Rack but for the life of me I cannot recall an outfit I wore them with! That's when I remembered Ivana's blog post on reinventing a pair of crystal earrings! She used nail polish to carefully paint over the gems on a vintage accessory and the results packed a major color punch! I followed suit to create these butter yellow and ketchup red earrings!

Start with cleaned earrings, nothing is worse than painting
a hair or dust bunny onto your new accessory!

Paint 2 coats of polish on desired gems. I used OPI's Big Apple Red.

Repeat on both earrings....

Let polish dry completely before wearing! Wouldn't want 
anyone getting their hair stuck in tacky nail polish.

Viola! One of a kind custom made earrings!



  1. thank you so much for your nice comment ;) I'm following you!!
    Can't wait for your new post for eastern !!

  2. Oh wow, they look so alive after the make over! I definitely like them better after the polish job! :)

  3. hi nico, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!!!! im now following ...those earrings are realy funky and i cant wait to get reading more of your blog x


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