Saturday, April 21, 2012

Top it off

Top it off

Top it off by nsaich featuring a leopard print long sleeve shirt

      Recently while rifling thru my closet I realized that I own quite a few separates that don't really have any tops that go with them which is when I thought to myself... what are the essential shirts every girl should own? Every woman knows that she should own a "little black dress," but does she know what tops she simply MUST have in her closet? As a result I got brainstorming and here is what (I believe!) are the essentials:

1: White Sequin Tank- Ideal for layering under blazers for a night downtown or for wearing with colored denim during the day! I feel like dressy sequins mix perfectly with casual white for a truly versatile piece. 

2: Striped Top- Stripes are a forever print that never goes out of style and can easily be worn year round. I like three quarter sleeves because the cut works in both the Spring and Summer as well as a layering piece in the cooler months. (See how I styled stripes with florals in this post, and click here for a windy weather look)

3: Leopard Print Silk Button Up- Great day to evening top! Wear it buttoned to the top with a cami under neath and a blazer over top for the office. At night, remove the blazer and roll up your sleeves! 

4: Red (Slightly Sexy) Top-  Like walking into the room wearing a red dress, I feel like a sexy red top evokes the same effect. I like the idea of choosing a style that isn't too dressy so that it can be worn during the day as well with skirts, jeans, or slacks and a blazer. 

5: White Silk Button Up- I don't think I need to speak much on how a white button up is an excellent multitasker in your closet. However, I LOVE how overly sexy items (like my sequined gold disco shorts!) are instantly made classy by pairing them with a white button up and conservative heels. 

6: A Uniquely You Top- The example I have above might not be a universal style but it is very much me. I think its important to have a couple of pieces that don't follow trends but rather, what you would naturally gravitate toward. This is what makes personal style. 

7: Floral Print Blouse: Floral is another print that always returns each spring, find one you love and wear it for years! I prefer darker floral prints because then you can wear them in the Winter as well and still look seasonally appropriate. 

8: Polka Dot Blouse- (Yet again!) Another print that is never really out of trend. Dressed up, polka dots can give off a pin up vibe. Dressed down, polka dots seem effortless and casual. Stick with black and white color combinations, they tend to match more! (See how I styled polka dots: 1 & 2

9: Chambray Button Up- Just like your denim jeans, a chambray top will match everything. For spring, I'd love to wear one with colored denim or as a light weight jacket over sun dresses!

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  1. Interesting idea! I've never thought of essential tops before, aside from maybe a black top and a white button up. But to be honest, I never wear white button ups. I think my essential tops would be all sweaters: short sleeve sweater, thin v-neck, thin scoop neck and chunky cardigan!

  2. very great ensembles for this month !!
    inspiring post, dear =D
    thanks for sharing ..

  3. This is so useful! I totally agree with your tips :)

  4. A white tee is also another great closet staple.

  5. I love #8!!!!


  6. Oh, everyone definitely needs some polka dots and animal print! Love your picks! Hope your Monday is going well and if you get a chance, I would love for you to stop by and see today's DAY style on Wrinkled Chiffon.

    xo Grace


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