Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

       Yes, I know that for some of you Easter was this past Sunday. But for others, Easter might be in full effect this upcoming Sunday! So with that being said... Happy (belated?) Easter! It's true when I say that I get anxious before each holiday. I always try to make every one more special than the last. This year  I out did myself with a festive Easter center piece, lots of decorated eggs (hallowed eggs, hard boiled eggs, and deviled meringue eggs), and a ton of fresh spring recipes! I was lucky enough to spend the day with close friends (Like Paris of Glitterati and Glamour) watching movies, chatting, and eating lots of delicious food! If you aren't celebrating until this Sunday, I hope my round up of projects and recipes will spark some holiday inspiration!

(A ceramic carton hold decorated eggs, votives, fresh 
florals, and sugar candies in the shape of peas & carrots!)

A version of my citrus salad recipe.

Monster Eggs: For all the children (and young at heart) in your life!

Quiche with homemade pie crust! (Full recipe to come!)

Asparagus and zucchini risotto, my new specialty!
(Recipe soon to come)

Banana cupcakes, cream cheese frosting,
and candied pecan "sand." (Recipe soon to come)

Chocolate dipped chicks (recipe here)

Almond & lemon flavored devil meringues.

      See you back here soon for new updates and recipes! I've been cooking like a mad crazy woman!



  1. Thanks for ur comment on my blog I am now following u hope u follow back

  2. These images are so lovely! Hope u had a nice Easter!:) Thank u Nico, I will be glad to follow each other of course!:) I follow u now!:) Kisses!

  3. Miss you Nico! Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  4. Cute pics! Hope you had a great Easter :D

  5. Your quiche is beautiful! You must be an excellent chef! I'm really enjoying the food photos!

  6. I love you monster eggs I made them for Easter Breakfast. They were a hit. Thank you!!


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