Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Bouquets:

Trimmings from my garden including some freshly ripened peppers and green zebra tomatoes. 

      With summer in full swing I love taking advantage of all the fresh seasonal blooms sprouting in my garden. Creating arrangements with whatever is overgrown in my yard is a simple task that brings me a lot of joy and also a bit of bright foliage into my home. For these rustic centerpieces I plucked a few stems of calendula, pink and apricot carnations, echinacea, pink daisies, and royal purple heliotrope. Calendulas are one of my favorite flowers to grow because the plants produce lots of blooms which are great for cutting and displaying in vases and the petals are also edible and look lovely on salads and wedges of goat cheese. Another favorite flower would be heliotrope from my newly aquired plant, the purple cloud like flowers evoke the subtle fragrance of vanilla and licorice which perfume my entire home! 

Carnations make for an excellent cutting flower, lots of blooms to enjoy!

Daisies look even more adorable in a soft shade of girlish pink.

Repurposing an old pasta jar as a vase.

A small collection of vases, two are vintage and the skull is an old vodka bottle.



  1. Those are so beautiful doll, love flowers everywhere, all the time :)) xx

  2. These photos are gorgeous! What an inspiring start to my weekend! xo T.

  3. Your bouquets look so good! The purple heliotrope sounds amazing. I pretty much picked all the flowers I could from my garden and have none left to enjoy:(Looking forward to more posts from around your home.

  4. You have some really great vases! I should get myself some flowers, too, they make everything look brighter and happier :)

  5. Oooo, you have such a green thumb. I am jealous.


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