Monday, July 8, 2013

Retreat Recap: Fort Bragg

This cow seemed genuinely ticked off that I managed to interrupt such a serene moment while taking in the ocean view. 

      Just the last few images from my quick trip to Fort Bragg. To recap, I saw some amazing hand crafted jewelry at the Sea Glass Museum, scavenged for chunks of sea glass at Glass Beach, enjoyed lovely floral arrangements at The Country Inn, and even saw a few stray cows on the drive home along the coast! Of course now that I am home for good, I am dreaming of where my next voyage will take me!

I only recently learned how to wire wrap sea glass and other objects
 but this necklace gives me so much inspiration for future pieces of jewelry.

The blooms were grown right on the property of The Country Inn,
I also happen to have the same vase!

In this image, you can see how much glass covers the beach shore.

A view while on the golden gate bridge.

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Coloring while out to a fancy dinner, something I learned from my dad. 



  1. Hi Nico! How are you dear? Adorable images! Seems you had a great time! Kisses and happy Monday! xo

  2. Wow that necklace is so awesome! I'm jealous of your trip, looks amazing!

  3. Hello from Spain: the photos are very expressive. Nice house pink. . keep in touch.

  4. Truly gorgeous photos!!! I can't wait to see what jewelry pieces you fashion with your fab ocean finds. The pink house + sassy cow made my day! xo T.

  5. Really love that beach cool!
    Glad you and yours had such a wonderful time on the North Coast.
    You'll have to stop off in Sonoma County next time and say hi!


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