Thursday, July 11, 2013

My life is like a recurring birthday, it's full of cake:

     Last month it was my friend Bella's birthday and in my typical fashion, I celebrated by baking a cake! Bella's little brother, Jonas, helped me with the process and I'm so glad he was around because I truly couldn't have done it without him. Last year I made Bella an elegant four layer pink ombre cake that I decorated with fresh elements from my garden (seen here). This year she wanted a blue cake so I decided to go in a completely different direction from last year's frilly girlishness. I knew I was baking for a crowd so instead of stacking many cakes (labor intensive) I baked two cakes in large casserole dishes for a more casual and easy to serve vibe. After frosting the cakes with a home made icing, I layered fresh fruits and used chocolate covered sunflower seeds to spell out the birthday girl's name! Thank you again Jonas for being a great sous chef, I think the cake ended up being pretty stellar:



  1. Such an original birthday cake, well done dear!

  2. Ohh this is so nice Nico !!

    XX Luba

  3. Ain't nothing wrong with lots of cake!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Yum! When's the party? I'm ready for a slice! ;) xo T.

  5. The cake looks awesome! I love making surprise cakes for my friends birthdays :)
    I hope you are enjoying your summer!? I still can't believe that it is already mid- July as I still feel like the beginning of June. I don't want the summer ever to end :)


  6. Oh yum! Looks delicious Nico! Kisses! xo


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