Saturday, July 13, 2013

Living Room Essentials:

Living Room Essentials

Living Room Essentials by nsaich on Polyvore

       I adore the eclectic comfy vibe this curated living room creates. If I had my way, my own living room would look strikingly similar to this image! I already possess a few of the essentials that I listed, including a  chocolate brown leather couch that is perfect for sinking into with a good book and reading with a scented candle near by. I also display my growing collection of rocks and geodes (via Gem Show) on my bookcase and coffee table for visual effect. Fresh picked florals from my garden make things feel more inviting and a deck of cards adds an element of fun! For me, the holy grail would be to own the striped rug (one day right?!). Until then, I will bask in the virtual idea of interior design bliss. What are some things that you consider living room essentials?



  1. A striped rug is holy grail for me as well:)

  2. Hello from Spain: nice carpet of black and white stripes.

  3. Love these elegant room decor picks, the striped rug is so cute and love the gold chair/poof

  4. A leather sofa is always a great investition in my opinion, too! We own a leather arm chair and it´s a pleasure for us each day to see it in our living room :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  5. Love all of it. The sofa is perfect. The rug is gorgeous, love stripes and plants are a must :)) I hope you are well sweets xx

  6. Lovely sofa! For me, candles are a must and Dyptique is a favourite brand too.


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