Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gems & Jewels

Ankle bracelet constructed with a wire wrapped shark tooth, pearls, amethyst, and apatite stones.

      For the second installment of Gems & Jewels (view the first here) I wanted to showcase some of my latest creations. I always get so much enjoyment out of working with natural elements like shark teeth, amethyst, and tourmalated quartz to put together different sparkly earrings or necklaces. I especially loved the shark tooth ankle bracelet paired with all those lovely tattoos as a backdrop! Which is your favorite piece?

Tourmalated quartz and pyrite stones suspended on silver chain.

Tourmalated quartz is a gem that can never be created synthetically. I love that each piece is unique and different.

The quartz points in this necklace have been treated with titanium to
create that metallic tone. I thought that the finish of faceted pyrite and hematite chips paired well with the quartz.



  1. They all are really cool! Congrats Nico:) Kisses and happy weekend! xo

  2. The earrings! Or...maybe the lovely dark blue bracelet... I think they all look fab! xx T.

  3. Wow I love that anklet and the necklace! The earrings are so cool too, but I rarely change out of my studs, haha

  4. These are such pretty pieces of jewellery, really unique, adore the bracelets.

  5. The earrings look great!

  6. Those are stunnig doll, love the earrings!! You could have even had one of the stones from the last piece in the earrings as well :)) Fantastic creations xx


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