Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Survive.....

Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping by nsaich featuring messenger bags

      After composing yesterday's post, I figured I would also offer some shopping tips and tricks for surviving this hectic time of year. During the holidays the mall somehow turns into a place of extreme dread.  With parking lots laid thick with cars and stores filled with even more people... the season of giving can become overwhelming. Have no fear! I will return your holiday cheer with some helpful hints for getting dressed to run around town as well as battling crowds and long lines!

1: Cozy sweater- Leave your scarves at home (why carry an extra item?) and stay warm in a soft turtleneck instead.
2: Sunglasses- Perfect for avoiding evil glares from the jealous woman who just saw you snatch up the last cashmere sweater off the sale table!
3: Watch- Stay chic and punctual with this time piece from Betsey Johnson
4: Cereal Bars- The holiday season is busy, make sure to have snacks on hand for when you don't have much time.
5: Casual Trousers- I like to wear a looser cut, better for mobility. And I love that this option is under $20 and still dressy enough to wear to a holiday party.
6: Messenger Style Bag- Ideal for having both of your hands free for shopping and also to carry around all your essentials.  
7: A Thrilling Book- So I can't magically make the lines disappear at all your favorite department stores but I can tell you how to make the situation more enjoyable. Read a good novel while standing in line and maybe snack on one of those cereal bars while you are at it! Take those annoying moments spent waiting in line and turn it into "me" time! I'm currently enjoying a new book from Chuck Palahniuk titled Damned.
8: Kitten Heel Shoes: Some of you may be wondering... Why would I ever wear a shoe with a heel to go shopping?! Well, this particular pair is by Cole Haan, my favorite brand for comfort. A low heel makes this shoe utterly practical for running around without severely damaging your feet and you won't have to carry an extra pair of shoes in your bag for the holiday party you are attending later. How great is that?

      I also know that it can sometimes be impossible to stay on budget while out purchasing gifts for your loved ones. How I stay in my limits is that I always carry cash over plastic. If you see the money leaving your hands you are less likely to over spend. Another helpful trick is to decide how much you are willing to spend on each person on your shopping list. From there, place each budgeted amount in separate envelopes labeled with the person's name. I hope these simple tips will help you survive the last bits of 2011!


PS: Do you have any advice for me this shopping season?


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  2. I love that trousers. The colour is amazing. :)
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  5. I love this little guide to holiday shopping. It's filled with such great advice. I always carry a snack and a bottle of water with me but I never thought to bring a book for the long lines. That's just genius. And a party perfect shoe so you don't have to go home and change (meaning more time to find the perfect gift) is such a good idea.

  6. I so want that messenger style bag! It is SWEET! Add a bottle of water to the list. It may be winter, but you have to stay hydrated! LOL

  7. love the sweater and pants!


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